TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta

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TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta
TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife - Natural Micarta
Product Description

The TBS Grizzly Bushcraft Survival Knife has been through a very minor re-design and evolved as the Mark II.

The Grizzly has always been a great knife and  was always very popular and with the new features we are sure you will love it as we have moved it on a step further. We are not one to ignore our customers and we have listened to the requests and put them into the new Grizzly.

It is now available in 3 different handle varieties, Natural Micarta, Curly Birch and Turkish Walnut and we have also modified the Boar sheath to make a full leather variant for the Grizzly. This new sheath will also take the accessory pouches, as featured in the Boar and Lynx, to make it a truly versatile knife.

The TBS range of knives are made from top quality European materials and are built to last. The Grizzly is no exception as it is made from 6mm thick, K720 High Carbon Tool Steel and handled with Natural Micarta, Curly Birch or Turkish Walnut.

High quality K720 High Carbon Tool steel is one of the toughest steels out there and is used widely to make high precision tools that need to stand up to some serious punishment. This makes it ideal for this type of knife. We have deliberately selected very high quality steel for our knives, it may make them more expensive but it is something we weren't prepared to compromise with.

The blade is 5" (125mm) long with a wickedly sharp Scandi Grind. It is 6mm thick making it super tough and has a cutout depression on the spine which is perfect for striking your firesteel. On test this knife performed faultlessly, cutting, chopping, feathering and eating up any task it was set to. After testing it was still shave sharp.

The handle is 4 7/8" (120mm) long and is wonderfully sculptured and ergonomic. This is unlike so many knives where the makers insist on slab sided scales which unfortunately makes them rather uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time - NOT The Grizzly.

This knife has been scaled up in size so that the steel is 50% thicker, this also means that the Scandi Grind has been made 50% deeper so that it follows the same angles as all of our knife range regardless of size or thickness. This can appear a bit deceptive in the images.

Main Features:
  • K720 High Carbon Tool Steel - 6mm thick
  • 5" (125mm) Length Scandi Ground Blade
  • Firesteel striker cutout
  • 4 7/8" (120mm) Length Handle
  • Typical Steel Analysis - Carbon 0.90%, Manganese 2.00%, Chromium 0.35%, Silicon 0.25%, Vanadium 0.10%.
  • HRC 58
  • High grade, sculptured, Natural Micarta.
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
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